All the treatments offered are safe for anyone in any given situation. There is a diverse range of treatments available which Justin can go through with you to help you ascertain which is the best path to help you in recovery and healing.

About Solar Sound Healing

The human soul knows its own resonance and frequency. This is the perfect pitch for it to function in complete harmony. When the soul accesses this experience the result is enhanced relationship dynamics for the mind, heart and body. In order to experience the resonance that is the human soul, we must consciously feel it. The Solar Sound Healer is trained to feel the truth of the human soul’s essence. They then communicate this knowledge to the client via a process of intuitive sounding. They voice; bearing witness to the perfectly healed place at the heart of the human soul.

Powerful healing energy is released and moved by the Healer, they direct this energy to the client. They work on the energy field, chakras, and meridian systems of the client. Traumatic and stagnant energies are cleared improving the flow of vital energy to the mind, heart, body systems. Energy is also pulsed to depleted or deficient parts of the energy field.

About the Solar Sound Healer: The Solar Sound Healer is also trained in Solar Shamanism. This includes shamanistic tools of healing such as Soul Retrieval, Earth Stone Medicine, Ritual and Ceremony. Soul Retrieval is a process where the Healer finds a lost piece of the soul energy of the client and restores it to them. Earth Medicine is where the Healer uses a sacred stone to remove deep, traumatic memories and energies from the client. The stone may also be used to extract dense, congested energies. Ritual and ceremony facilitates the client’s involvement in their own healing process. Anything from simple meditation, deep breathing to sacred fire ceremony may be recommended and/or tailored to the client’s needs and comfort.

Lastly the Solar Sound Healer is trained in diagnosing and locating the specific dis-harmonies in the energy field of each client and uses the above methods to restore harmony. The Healer endeavors at all times to create a sacred and safe space in service to the client.

For further information on Solar Sound Healing see here.

About Phytobiophysics

Every living cell vibrates on a specific frequency of light. According to the eminent scientist called Professor Albert Popp, living cells vibrate on frequencies of light and have the capacity to admit and transmit light faster than a billionth of a second. Unhealthy cells lose this capability and admit light but can no longer transmit light which creates an aberration in their energy stasis.

Phytobiophysics looks to restore undernourished cells to their full and healthy frequency and thus can help with eliminating the illness from the body in the process. This may result in greater health and well-being for you and your body.

Phytobiophysics offers a comprehensive analysis of the body and it’s current state of health. Through the use of plant & tree formulas, it aims to help the person with these powerful healing formulas to recover on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level.

It has a range of therapies that aid the healing process including Heartlock Theory, Podo-Rhacidian therapy, lymphatic drainage massage and can offer nutritional guidance to help you in your healing journey.

About Heartlock Theory
Looking to help improve heart function, The Heart Lock theory identifies obstructions of energy that stop the normal function of the heart. It is a simple yet revolutionary technique for understanding how the heart works, looking at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual power of the heart..
About Podo-Rhacidian therapy
A method of healing spinal issues and misalignment through the feet. It looks to re-align the structure of our body to it’s natural state thus restoring structural health & well-being.
About Lymphatic Drainage Massage
A technique used to cleanse our Lymphatic system which restores immunity, spleen and liver function and helps encourage the body to eliminate toxins.
About Jump Leading
Jump Leading is used to specifically eliminate toxins, metals and mal-nourishing frequencies within the body. It uses a gentle and non-invasive technique to help encourage the body with releasing of potential illness & thus can restore health and harmony.

For further information on Phytobiophysics see here.

About Yoga

Yoga allows for the opening & healing of the physical body. Through a system of postures (asanas) yoga looks to help the body recover from injuries, ailments and conditions of any kind.

Yoga postures will be catered to your ability and body type to ensure safe practice.


Meditation is an excellent way of drawing yourself into greater inner awareness to let go of anxiety, pain and stresses. The forms, classes and series offered look to help you particularly with centering, deep healing, alignment, breathing, relaxation & self-empowerment.

The above therapies give Justin the flexibility to tailor his approach to the individual client’s needs. All the treatments available are intended to help a person in their healing journey – restoring health and harmony. Please note these are healing, not medical treatments.

Justin also offers courses and seminars in meditation & yoga – see here.

Please feel free to contact him if you have any queries.