Justin has done corporate well-being programs in Pfizer, Dun and Bradstreet and Enable Ireland. He provides yoga and meditation programs that are inclusive and focused on increasing the well being of the employees of the company.

He can offer a diverse range of programs for you to avail of:

6 Week Yoga Course

This program gives employees structural focus and techniques for the health of their skeletal-muscular systems. This program is applicable for all people wishing to learn about yoga as it covers basic to advanced aspects of yoga to ensure a thorough understanding for the people participating.

This course will especially help in stress reduction, health & nourishment of the body.

Course Cost & details: €75 p/p for a 6 week program. One hour classes teaching a minimum of 8 & maximum of 15 people to ensure personal attention for every participant.

6 Week Meditation Course

A course focused on learning the basics of meditation to help with the releasing of stress & anxiety. The course will give you a good introduction into meditation showing how the basics can be applied to everyday life. It will help with many aspects of health and well being on the emotional, mental and physical level.

Course cost & details: €100 p/p – 1 hour weekly classes. Minimum of 8 people & maximum of 15 people.

10 week Meditation program – The Care for the Self program (A Jade Sun School module)

This program looks at the fundamentals of meditation – Breathing techniques, alignment, opening up and letting go of stress will be explored on this powerful course. It is healing focused and will teach people very simple and profound techniques that encourage them to be self-empowered & aware.

It looks to help on the emotional, mental & physical levels of our being ensuring a well rounded course that encourages growth & self development.

Course Cost & details: €350 per person with a minimum of 6 & maximum of 12 people to ensure personal attention. 2 hour weekly classes.


Here are some of the reviews of Justins corporate programs:

1) “Meditation was very helpful. I have found a big difference in my condition before and after class – become more relaxed. It would be great if we had something like this more often. Thank you very much Justin.”

2) “Easy to follow, good explanations & calming. Really enjoyed it. Thank you.”

3) “It was particularly enjoyable to have this time and space at work”

4) “Was all very good and interesting. Would be a good idea to introduce this kind of workshop more often. Thanks.”

5) “The conscious breathing helped me release tension from my head, neck and shoulders. And my headache is gone!”

6) “Excellent intro to meditation. Felt very relaxed afterwards.”