Healing for children with special needs through Solar Sound Healing & Phytobiophysics

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About Solar Sound Healing for children with special needs

Solar Sound Healing is a form of energetic healing that uses sound and light to release stress, anxiety and congested energies from the bodies system. This makes it perfect for the treatment of children with disabilities or special needs. The result for the child being healed is often reflected in improved robustness, immunity, calmness, aliveness, responsiveness and cognitive capacity. This greatly facilitates the health and development potential of each individual child.

The healing is facilitated by a trained Solar Sound Healer, meaning it is given in the context of the relationship between one person and another. This creates a special healing atmosphere of compassion and care which children respond too naturally.


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About Phytobiophysics for children with special needs

Phytobiophysics is a revolutionary form of flower and tree remedy therapy. Combined with specialist healing techniques (see below) it has designed a set of formulas for children with special needs in mind, called Special Care formulas. The whole Special Care formulas emphasis is to create harmony, health and well-being. There is 7 formulas with each one focusing on healing a specific aspect of the body that has been affected in a child with special needs e.g. the physical structure / the brain.

Along with these formulas several other Phytobiophysic treatments can be offered to help heart function, spinal alignment & rejuvenation, lymphatic system stimulation, toxin release and cell restoration.

Both approaches above, Solar Sound Healing and Phytobiophysics healing enhance each other as they both function to restore the natural healing intelligence of the body, mind, heart, and soul of each individual child.


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About Ayurveda for children with special needs

Ayurveda is a science which states that each one of us is born with an individual and unique Constitution.  If we make choices to support that Constitution, including nutrition, we will experience balance and health. Children with special needs can benefit greatly from Ayurveda’s approach because Ayurveda will treat the child first as an individual and all recommendations will be tailor made to the child’s constitution as well as taking in consideration the child’s needs.  Ayurveda offers many therapeutic tools to help including diet, herbs, massage oil, and yoga.

Ayurveda’s approach to food is very unique as it includes in its dietary recommendations foods and herbs which will treat the child’s digestive system and immune system as well as offering a tailored, specific food and meal plan for the child.  As Ayurveda is a complete wrap around program including lifestyle, recommendations may also be made on daily routine, times of eating, food combinations, and special herbal oil massage.  Yoga is an integral branch of Ayurveda and Rachel can also offer private Yoga classes for children with special needs.  This allows Rachel to create a Yoga routine which is specifically designed for the child with special needs and can be practiced at home with family members.

All of the approaches above of Solar Sound Healing, Phytobiophysics & Ayurveda enhance one another as they each function to restore the natural healing intelligence of the body, mind, heart, and soul of each individual child.


About this program

For children with special needs a specific program of healing is required. The above program perfectly facilitates this by having the flexibility to cater for each individual child’s needs. The healing offered is restorative, completely safe and nourishing. It will not impact in any way on medication being taken.

Justin has been involved in helping people with disabilities since the age of 14 when his own father had a stroke. Since then he has worked on helping people with special needs in a fundraising & events capacity and is now looking to offer a full programme for the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of those with disabilities and special needs.

The mission of this program is that every child with special needs is given the best possible opportunity for recovery, health and development so that their life is full, joyful and as expansive as possible.