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The key ingredient to being a healer: Feeling and surrender

by Justin Reddin

Healing is always about receptivity. What you are giving and what you are receiving. A healer must be focused in feeling the essence of who and what we all are to ensure what is transmitted to a client is the source of their own being. They cannot try to control or force but rather must learn to surrender to the spirit of who we all are, letting that living force, the intelligence that is life move through them.

What they feel is of utmost importance. The more a healer can experience one heartedness with life and surrender to its essence the more they can let that energy, that consciousness be passed through them and help the client they are being of service too.

As the sun gives life to the plants, the plants know how to receive its nourishment… it’s in their nature, their DNA to do that. Just like the plants we are given the grace of the Earth and Suns nutrition but we can train ourselves to consciously feel it and this is where the quality of a healers efforts to help a client really begin to take root. Consciously feeling is the hardest element of healing but most important, without this engagement the healing will be limited and not have a depth of quality.


Unfortunately most of us want to control and have things work out the way we want them too and in the healing process this is one of the worst attitudes to have. You cannot control energy, try as you may it will be shown to you that you can only truly surrender to what energy is and operate from a place of not knowing. Essentially, it’s called freedom!

So feel into your feeling nature and surrender inwardly to what it is that you are and operate from a place of not knowing if you want your healing work to have real, long lasting effect… As Christ says the kingdom of heaven is within you.

With love,



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