Seminar & Workshop testimonials

Justin has provided seminars and workshops in national and international organisations such as Pfizer, Enable Ireland, Dun and Bradstreet.

Here are a small portion of some of the excellent reviews he received:

1) “Meditation was very helpful. I have found a big difference in my condition before and after class – become more relaxed. It would be great if we had something like this more often. Thank you very much Justin.”

2) “Easy to follow, good explanations & calming. Really enjoyed it. Thank you.”

3) “It was particularly enjoyable to have this time and space at work”

4) “Was all very good and interesting. Would be a good idea to introduce this kind of workshop more often. Thanks.”

5) “The conscious breathing helped me release tension from my head, neck and shoulders. And my headache is gone!”

6) “Excellent intro to meditation. Felt very relaxed afterwards.”

Class Testimonials

Justin has taught yoga and meditation classes in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, New York and Nashville.

1) “I felt the class was very good, relaxing & informative. Justin is very pleasant, open, kind and peaceful presence. I’m very grateful I was able to participate in this.”

2) “I think Justin’s energy and personality is very positive, open, warm and friendly which makes the whole experience joyful, easy and helpful.”

3) “Really interesting class. Explanations were clear and easy to understand & follow.”

4) “Justin made the techniques very accessible to a first timer”

5) “Very interesting techniques – I’d not ever tried meditation before and hope to use these techniques on stressful days at work.”